mission to madagascar

I recently had a conversation about my trip which whole-heartedly re-inspired me through all the trepidation. But one thing remains elusive: Madagascar. It’s one of those “must-see” places for my adventure in Africa next year, but the cost and the effort to get there weigh so heavily against me it’s depressing. Every time I recall and realize the cost of a flight from Johannesburg (or anywhere, really), or the difficulty of trying to locate a ferry or freighter ship, my stomach gulps and drops.

Still, I have to go there no matter what… I will put a question out there to any who read this that if you have any experience or knowledge on the subject, I implore you, please share it (comment or via the contact form). I will forever be grateful and can credit you here as dearly as you wish, lol.

But seriously, I will.

I mean, just look at this face…

The incredibly shy and uber-cute mongoose lemur.
Image credit: Flickr user Meareworth

I want to meet that face. I have to. Wouldn’t you? Madasgascar is one of those very special places that is a home to things that don’t exist anywhere else. It’s a place like no other with some of the weirdest and wonderfullest wildlife in the whole wide world. In fact, I dedicated a whole page to it. Just click here for a glimpse of some the coolest animals on the face of the planet!


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