cavendish beach, PEI

Perhaps having crossed the Confederation Bridge in the dark built suspense, or perhaps it being my first official view of the eastcoast in waking memory did it. Perhaps the reason doesn’t matter at all. Does anyone actually need a reason to feel like a little kid exploring the rusty red northern shore of Prince Edward Island? Didn’t think so.

Just like how you don’t need an excuse to sprawl your tired body across the rocks, either, after climbing around and exploring with the wonder and jubilation of a little kid.


In 2007, I set out on a 5,000+ km tour of maritime Canada in a car I wasn’t sure would last the trip for my first big solo adventure: mapless, without an agenda, and by the seat of my pants. Now, while I get ready for one of the biggest adventures I could dream up, I can’t help but reminisce that first big step – and all the shenanigans and misadventures that happened during it…

After having spent two days driving, exploring pot-hole-riddled backroads as much as regular highways, and stopping at things like the World’s Largest Axe (shout out to Nackawic, NB), and taking a detour to explore the floods on my way to Bay of Fundy (and, y’know, a lifetime living in the centre of the continent), standing on a cliffside looking out across nothing but rolling open water seemed to instantaneously remove all the clutter from my mind. The only logical thing to do when you feel like you’re on the edge of a world? Explore it.


If you’ve never been to P.E.I., it’s worth the trip just to see Cavendish Beach National Park. Like everything else on a small island that you can circumnavigate in a day, the beach is easy to find and any route you choose to get there is a beautiful drive freckled with scenic farms, rolling hills, and winding estuaries. Once you get there, you can spend as much time exploring “Dunelands” and the red shores as you could spend circling the entire coast. It’s just that amazing. These are just some of the pictures from that afternoon.







I can promise you that there will be more of PEI to come later. There’s still so much more to the island  – enough of it that I managed to get lost (and found again – just drive north), and nearly lost Ursula to a pothole the size of a tractor…


Read more about the eastcoast adventure by clicking here!

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4 responses to “cavendish beach, PEI

    • I missed those areas altogether by following all the backroads down into Alma (and then taking Hwy2 home), but I lived in Florenceville for a short time when I was very young. It’s nice out there. I tell myself the same thing, though: must go back. I did most of my “growing up” in Manitoba, so I still get excited about hills… That was my first time on The Island, and whenever I finally make it to Newfoundland, I promised myself I’d make another visit to see the spots I missed and see again the spots I saw… It’s a beautiful place, so maybe you will too.

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