our world is amazing

One question which comes up far too often when people hear about my upcoming trek is: Why?

“Because I’ve always wanted to” mustn’t be a good enough answer, because they’ll ask me again, why?

So I’ll tell you some of the things that come to mind…

This world is so huge, so epic, so beautiful. It’s so full of life and living things that are so vastly different, so unique, so special. Some exist solely in the environment in which they evolved and nowhere else, and that makes them even more special. Some of them are flourishing; some of them are dying; some of them have already disappeared; some are still evolving; some haven’t been discovered yet.

This world is so full of secrets, of languages, of dimensions which humans have not been able to fully explore let alone understand.

This world is rich with diversity and brimming with things, and people, and behaviours, and cultures, and animals, and forests, and aquatic life, and medicines, and mysteries. They are constantly changing, evolving, adapting, or disappearing.

This world and everything on it is so vast, so complex, so connected. It is a marvel so stupefying it it is difficult to grasp; it is a marvel so fantastic, it’s hard to believe it’s all real, yet it is.

This world is full of wonders, of dangers, of love, of violence, of survival, of discovery. It is a world full of complex individuals – animals and people alike – who are more alike than our differences suggest, but here we are.

So why do I want to travel? Why do I explore?

I want to see and experience as much of that as I possibly can. I want to wake up to another sunrise that will show me again how beautiful the sky is at the break of day. I want to walk through a forest and breathe the smells of damp earth, of the aromas of the trees and vegetation. I want to see animals that I’ve only seen before in pictures; I want to see their eyes. I want to see new places, new landscapes. I want to get lost then find my way again and laugh at myself when I do. I want to discover for myself the ancient histories of mankind, the architecture, the castles, the monuments, and admire the structures that were crafted thousands of years ago. I want to stand on a mountain and see an entire universe around me. I want to see the stars.

I want to smile with someone I don’t know even if that is the only communication we can understand of each other, and I want to learn about their culture, their music, their language, and maybe understand a little more.

I want to explore in order to discover, to experience, and to appreciate as many of the wonders of this world as I possibly can. It was just a matter of deciding where I’d go next.

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