appreciating winter in pictures

It’s too easy to hole yourself up when the temperature drops and snows move in, but once the storm passes we can sit around and gripe about having to shovel our driveways, endure the roads, and ask ourselves “when’ll spring get here?” or we can strap on our snowshoes and embrace it since, well, it’s not like we can do anything about it anyway unless we plan on moving to somewhere more equatorial… which, maybe, isn’t such a bad thing to fantasize about sometimes.

But then we wouldn’t have the pleasure of seeing wonders like these…


The fur trees look down on you like sentinels at their posts, sheathed in their coats of snow.



snowfun_201302_0443_900CThe snow gets so heavy, it seems to just bind everything beneath its weight…
snowfun_201302_0419_900CIt can be a little depressing when even the trees can’t seem to handle the weight of the snow, but there is something kinda magical when you delve deeper into woods…


… like the birch trees that didn’t want t give up hope of warmth and sunshine…


… or even just the little twigs, stoically clinging to life when larger branches have cracked and broken off.

But it’s inspiring to remember that the winter snows are much like a heavy blanket, letting the earth and plants get their “sleep” so that in the spring, they are that much better rested and preserved for a new growing season – something too easy to forget when we caught up in a “city life”.



And there’s always the comfort in knowing that if you ever delve too deeply, you can simply follow your tracks home again…

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