pinch me; is this real?

Last summer I had a crazy idea that I was going to go to Africa and volunteer at a monkey and wildlife rehabilitation centre. Since making that decision, my “couple weeks in South Africa” has, erm, blossomed…

Not only will I be voluntouring in South Africa at three wildlife parks and projects, but I will be kicking off this adventure with over a week of backpacking in Madagascar – Madagascar!! – before beginning my volunteer work at that centre just outside Kruger National Park.

Monkeys, rhinos, lions, sharks, cliffsides, plains and jungles… I get goosebumps just thinking about it all. And that’s only the beginning, just the tip of this iceberg of awesomeness.

I have, essentially, 5 months to get from Antananarivo to London, England. But the “kind of planned” stuff ends in Morocco. From there? Well, I’ll figure that out when the time comes.

……….Pinch me. Is this real?

Since I was a kid I’ve dreamed of exploring the world, and now’s my chance! It’s terrifying and exciting and hard to wrap my head around… but then I want to get up and dance!

There are so many uncertainties, risk, so many things to leave behind. But now that I’ve made the commitment, I can’t imagine not doing this.

It’s almost poetic – it’s hard to believe that in just a month and a half, my life will be forever changed – or it might be if I wasn’t still a little nauseous from excitement and acknowledging this new reality…

When I step on that airplane, I will be delving into a whole new phase of life, one that I cannot even reasonably fathom as I will be so far removed from what I know, and I am so excited to begin.


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