trog phlog: visiting ivato’s croc farm, madagascar

I’ve been trying to upload a few short video logs from some of the parks and places I have been, but have been met with nothing but technical difficulties. So, in lieu of the “trog vlog” I give you the trog phlog; my travel log photo blog. (In other words, when I’m too lazy to write, I’ll give you pictures instead.)

While waiting for my pack to arrive after losing it during one delayed flight and a very hasty transfer, I decided to explore some of the sights within a comfy, walkable distance of the Ivato International Airport (Madagascar).

One such place happened to be a little croc farm nestled along a hillside, up a very disheveled (and humbly beautiful) road.

Great consideration was given to the aesthetics of the place, and it was my first real opportunity to see some of the animals native to the island, and some that aren’t…

Can you spot the bunny?







A notable theme in the works, oui?

For the primary resident…




But it was more than just crocodiles…. In fact, before you even make it to the croc pool, you pass by several other animal sanctuaries and enclosures…


In a cool, dark building, you will find a variety of especially interesting species including the leafnose snake (above), and one of the many chameleons: a rather dashing and friendly panther chameleon (below).


…as well as a glimpse at a giant-size egg from the now-extinct elephant bird…


and even more lizards…


But that’s still not all. I especially enjoyed the giant and radiated tortoises, also known as sokake be and sokake, respectively.




Even in the reptilian paradise, there were some furry and feathery critters as well…




But the scenery alone could make the visit worthwhile.





Jusqu’a prochaine fois.

6 responses to “trog phlog: visiting ivato’s croc farm, madagascar

  1. C’est fantastique .
    J’espere que tu vois plusieres des autres creatures extraordinaire !
    Ta tante Norah

  2. LOVE your pics and hearing about your travels BUT have just had a brain burp and think your birthday is coming up on Friday 24/05 –my Christophe’s b-day too.
    Have a great one Sherri– don’t imagine that will be difficult .
    Much love , Norah

    • Aw, thanks, auntie! :) Je sais ce sera un jour fantastique, parce que je suis ici! It is such a beautiful place, Madagascar and now South Africa. I am a little behind with updates, but there will be even more pics coming! :) Bon anniversaire to Christophe, aussi! Take care! xoxo

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