skydiving over plettenberg bay, south africa


It’s almost a dreamlike state when you look out the side of an airplane and acknowledge that in a few more seconds, you’re going to be stepping out the door and into nothing but wind and gravity.

But then it takes you, and the rush of wind steals your senses, steals your breath, and gives you a sense of absolute liberation.

And I say “sense” because a lot can go wrong in a 181 km/hr descent, but a lot can go very right, too… and when it’s actually happening, you feel nothing but freedom.

Even once the chute is opened, the ride isn’t over. With some muscled steering, you can bring the chute into hard spins that flip the world upside-down and lift you into a new dimension of pure bliss.


I’ve fallen a little behind with progress updates, and now as a result things will be a little out of order… But it was totally worth it.

The short story goes: last week I arrived at my second volunteer project; this one just outside Port Elizabeth. I had just sat down for breakfast for my first full day at the project when one of the other volunteers, a quiet and very gentle sort of young fellow, asked me “Would you like to go skydiving tomorrow?”

At first I wasn’t sure if I’d processed the question correctly, but in my head, my inner child screamed HELLYES.

If you’ve taken a gander to the ‘about’ page and saw the photo, you’ll know it’s not my first jump, but the excitement and anticipation is just as intense.

When we arrived, I also learned that I’ve “downgraded” planes to a Cessna that can barely fit 4 passengers in the back for an awkward jump out the side, but dude…

When you step out of the side of a plane and the wind catches you and you take the plunge, there is nothing like it.





*apologies for terrible photo quality. From the disc, my opportunity to get them online is a bit of a trick with limited technology. Will be updated when I can. (Maybe even with video…)

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