horse-back riding in Oudtshoorn

When presented with the opportunity to ride a horse through rolling hills, one must take it.

It was yet another beautiful day in Oudtshoorn and I had the pleasure of riding an enthusiastic mare on a guided ride through the rolling hills of the Karoo with the Swartberg Mountains in the west.


Savannah was eager and totally in her element, taking me past pastures of sheep, cattle and even ostrich without even batting an eye. A pig crossed the road in front of us and where the horses I know back home would have shied or deked, she hardly seemed to notice.

The guide and owner of the company was a kind young lady who reminded me of a friend back home. It was fun to share a little “horse talk” before falling into the solace of the quiet ride, with a few spurts of trot and canter up into the hills for a little fun.

Search Kango Horse Riding on Facebook for more. (Sorry, the hyperlinks aren’t working properly).

It doesn’t matter where in the world I might be, the view between a horse’s ears is always my favourite…


4 responses to “horse-back riding in Oudtshoorn

  1. I have a friend who would agree with ” your favorite view “!
    Bike — horse— feet-// wow , keep travelling
    Much love , Norah

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