you know you’re a backpacker when…

Once you’ve been on the road long enough, there are a few habits you pick up that might separate you from the crowd. Here are some of the things I’ve started to notice…

  1. you smell your clothes to determine if they’re “clean” or not
  2. you have at least 3 types of currency in your wallet
  3. finding hair or bugs in your food doesn’t bother you; you just pick them out
  4. you’re willing to add 8+ hours and multiples stops to any form of transportation if it saves you 50 bucks
  5. you have your passport number memorized
  6. sometimes you forget what country/timezone you’re in
  7. you’ve learned a few key phrases in half a dozen languages, but…
  8. sometimes you forget what language you’re actually speaking
  9. you’ve grown to appreciate the cleanliness (if not the smell) of drop toilets
  10. you’ve spent the night in an airport
  11. you’ve adopted the “eat when you can/sleep when you can” principle
  12. you’re not above stuffing your pockets at buffets
  13. you’ve turned your underwear inside-out to increase wearability, and/or wash them in sinks as you go
  14. trousers don’t get “dirty” with wear unless you actually spill something on them, but even that hardly counts
  15. there’s nothing a patch and/or some tape and/or a spare shoelace can’t fix
  16. perforated toilet-paper has become one of life’s simple pleasures
  17. you’re not ashamed of a little extra hair
  18. you pick your hostels based on free WIFI
  19. peanut butter off a spoon is considered a meal
  20. you appreciate the perks of having multiple layovers: not only do the flights tend to be much cheaper, but it also means more free food

If you can think of any more, by all means, share below.

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CANADA!! Wherever I am in the world, I am always glad to call you home.



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