bungee-jumping over Victoria Falls

Looking back, I never actually had any real desire to bungee-jump. Something about jumping off a bridge with an elastic tied to my ankles and potentially getting that giant elastic wrapped around my neck after rebounding upwards wasn’t overly appealing to me, but I said that if I ever found myself in Africa, I’d bungee-jump over Victoria Falls. I mean, what are the odds?

Enough, apparently.

It’s funny, because when I skydived (skydove?), I wasn’t really actually genuinely afraid. I was only nervous until I signed away all my “acceptance of life-threatening danger” forms and my family’s rights to sue in the event of my death and it was blissful… Even when I plummeted 7000 feet in less than a minute of freefall, I realized that even if the chute didn’t open, I had a lovely view to take in while the world gracefully came up below, and I had what felt like an eternity at the time to make amends with my life and the choices that brought me to where I was, and the self-made crater I would end up in. All in all, it wouldn’t have been a bad way to go.

With bungee jumping? I envisioned moreso a snap, an “oh shit” and then pain. And possibly crocodiles.

When I wanted to price compare and scout out some of the different groups that offer bungee-jumping in Livingstone, naturally, I googled it. I typed in a typical “victoria falls bungee jumping” in the search bar, eager to see the results and lo, the entire first few pages of search results pertained to that “tragic accident” that happened a few years before when the cord snapped in an “uncharacteristic freak accident” (but thankfully not as tragic as headlines appear: she swam to the shore).

Still, not overly comforting.

But when I found myself on the bridge with a couple towels and some rope tied around my ankles, I felt so hopelessly at its mercy it was my promise alone that made me jump.

And possibly the hand on my back that I was convinced would push me if I didn’t jump on my own accord.

But you know what? The blood-curdling scream gave way to hysterical laughter, and when asked if I would go again, there was no hesitation when I blurted ‘hell yeah!’

The nervous pre-jump thumbsup...

The nervous pre-jump thumbsup…

The stunning swan dive, if I may say so. Nevermind the blood-curdling scream that went with it.

The stunning swan dive, if I may say so. Nevermind the blood-curdling scream that went with it.

...and the bouncing and hysterically laughing.... And no elastic around the neck. Good times. :)

…and the bouncing and hysterically laughing…. And no elastic around the neck. Good times. :)

4 responses to “bungee-jumping over Victoria Falls

  1. Amazing !!
    There is no end to this adventure . What possible challenge can lie ahead !!
    My goodness ” real life ” feels so boring.
    Enjoy , love, Norah

    • Haha! Yeah, I’m having a hard time imagining or remembering what “normal” is right now. Just taking the days as they come and keeping my focus on those things that matter most ;) I feel like I’ve evolved, and so much more confident and inspired. I feel so alive and I absolutely love it. Much love for you back home! Take care an enjoy yourself :)

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