sizzling in seville, spain

It felt so different to be in Europe now, and to have so many amenities and luxuries at my disposal. All but one:


Still the second week of July, the full summer heat was only beginning to settle, but it climbed quite easily into the mid- to high 40s celsius. It was hot.

Even at night it would seldom go below 30, so it was a strange realization when you’d, at the end of the day, recall drinking well over 4 litres of water and yet only peed when you first got up. TMI? Apologies. It was hot.

I ate a lot of icecream.

But all sweaty undershorts aside, Seville, Sevilla, however you choose to say her name, was a beauty. You could walk for hours through the cobbled streets enjoying the shopping, the tapas, and the occasional blast of AC through an open shop door (those were my favourite). The buildings were old, ornate, and every square inch was taken into consideration by the architects and artists who designed them.

Touring the cathedrals and ancient buildings sculpted of stone and lovingly adorned with tile and tapestries, it was a trip through history and to walk through chambers that were built nearly a millennia ago was astoundingly stupefying. I fell in love.

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Touring the city with a new friend and an adorable young French couple, I had the opportunity to take in so many of the grand sites, even if with all the French-speaking I found myself often dumbfoundedly confused about what language I should be speaking when. It was good for a laugh, at least, when I found mixing French with Spanish while struggling to communicate with waiters…

But the next chapter awaited, and so the journey northward continued …

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