celebrating spring by remembering glaciers!

Sort of a backwards logic, methinks, but c’est la vie.

Since I totally forgot to make a post for the updated TROG PHLOG on Saturday, you get it today instead.

And the destination?


It’s funny, because this is one of those things where I feel like I appreciate it more looking back on it than while I was there. But I guess that’s usually the case, right? I can at least blame altitude and hunger if I really want to, but I’m mostly glad to be able to say I was there! I did it! and then I can’t wipe the smile from my face. :)

Sooo for a view of my favourite photos from the trek, just click on over with the image below.





2 responses to “celebrating spring by remembering glaciers!

  1. Beautiful pic Sheri . Am I to go to the tags to see more , some of us aren’t so savvy ?
    Wow , you must be busy !

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