TROG PHLOG: Travel Blog Photo Log Archives

Introducing the TROG PHLOG!

I will be going through the photos from each of the major highlights of my adventures through Africa and Europe (and over 20 countries total) to pull together a sort of “travel blog photo log” if you will. I dub thee: the TROG PHLOG.

Look forward to a new destination as often as I can share ’em! :)

Click the continent of your choosing to start exploring!



north america

Hope you enjoy!

Here are the complete archives so far:

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2 responses to “TROG PHLOG: Travel Blog Photo Log Archives

  1. Always wonderful to get your updates Sheri!
    I especially enjoyed seeing the topography
    of Cape Towne , as i was unaware of it’s craggy mountains ! So interesting , thanks !
    Ta tante

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