TROG PHLOG: Kruger National Park, South Africa

TROGPHLOG_awesomeAfter spending a significant portion of my life prior to visiting Kruger National Park fantasizing about the park, it’s pretty easy to admit that it was one of the most amazing 3-day camping trips of my life.

I still remember my absolute awe when we found our first elephant, the first zebra, even the first (of many) impala(s). Of my childhood dreams of places to visit, coincidentally, they were ordered from least to most likely in the same order as my want to visit them:  1) Mars, 2) Africa, and 3) Australia. I always thought Australia would be first. But I managed to get that one notch higher.

So, after some painful yet glorious nostalgia, I’ve managed to thin the selection to a dozen photos from my visit to Kruger National Park, South Africa. A park that is even larger than Holland. And is also pretty much the dreamiest place on earth. Well, that and Kilimanjaro, but that’ll come later. ;)


DSC_0671 1_1200wm

DSC_0653 2_1200wm



DSC_0102 3_1200wm



DSC_0051 2b_1200wm



DSC_0114 3_1200wm


2 responses to “TROG PHLOG: Kruger National Park, South Africa

  1. Sorry about the delay .
    That tree , last pic , do you know what it is called ? Thx
    Those animal pics are awesome . I love them all but the zebra is so Ray in those stripes .
    Yes Sheri the animals in Australia are also amazing , not anywhere else in the world , unless in activity .
    They are worth a trip for sure , but watch the spiders ,,seriously !
    One of my most awesome trips .norah

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