TROG PHLOG: Table Mountain, Cape Town, SA


Cape Town is every bit as awesome as you hear, and even if you can only see a few bits and pieces, it’ll still blow your mind.

Between my visit and spontaneous hike with hostel-mate pre-volunteering, and my loner shenangians post-volunteering, it’s hard not to fall in love with the coastal city and all her beautiful features.

I was lucky enough to find a great little hostel near a recognizable landmark just north of Signal Hill, so even while hiking from Table Mountain, past Lion’s Head and through the long grasses and slope down Signal Hill, I could find my way. And I only fell down once. (I call that a win.)


DSC_0019 7b_1200w

DSC_0032 9_1200w

DSC_0032 14_1200w

DSC_0121 5_1200w

DSC_0120 7_1200w

DSC_0195 7_1200w

DSC_0194 8_1200w

DSC_0165 7b_1200w

DSC_0127 5_1200w

DSC_0158 5_1200w

DSC_0226 8_1200_lionsheadw

DSC_0223 4b_1200w

DSC_0261 6_1200w

DSC_0018 8_1200w


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