TROG PHLOG: Los Caballos de Sevilla


Seville is an absolutely beautiful Spanish city along the Rio Guadalquivir, and further articulated via the Canal de Alfonso VIII. By day, you can meander to the west side of the canal for all the tapas you can handle, or wander over to the east side of the canal and spend hours exploring the old-town streets lined with shops of all the latest fashions until you discover each of the many museums.

With a history as rich in culture as it is in art and architecture, it comes are no surprise to see the parks and cobbled streets around the museums filled with horse-drawn carriages. No matter where you wander in the cobbled streets, the rhythmic cadence of the horses’ gaits is a sort of music until the nightlife takes over at sundown.

But even in the high 40s (degrees Celsius), you would see the horses out and about, doing their job, catching a siesta in the  sombra whenever the opportunity presented itself. It’s a tough job, so this is for them: the carriage horses of Seville.


DSC_0167 9_2000w DSC_0327 9_2000w DSC_0307 9_2000w DSC_0329 9_2000w DSC_0304 7_2000w DSC_0160 10_2000w


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