tribute to ursula

Grrsula. Ursulove. However you choose to identify her, Ursula was my car. But more than that, she was my vessel, my sidekick, my partner in crime, and a rusted out piece of crap. We traversed half the country together, and more than once I thought I killed her. More than once, she died. More than once, she was resurrected to die another day. Through all the adventures and misadventures and getting lost then found, she had never failed me when I truly needed her to persevere, so I suppose she deserves a kudos for that.

You may hear mention of her from time to time, so I felt as though she deserved to be recognized in all her wonderful glory, but I couldn’t be bothered to look for one of the nice pictures from before I had to smash her window. So here she is wearing a tarp.

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