adventures with a cat: the prologue

With the summer already fading into fall, it’s easy to see how I’m passed due for some kind of shenanigan.

And yet… as I discovered while on my travels abroad, part of me wanted to be able to share an outing with one of my dearest friends in the world. My eldest of two cats, my fur-son, Indy.

Yes, I am a self-professed crazy cat lady, and proud of it. The only hard part about it is that they aren’t generally as excited or comfortable about things like, say, car rides as a dog.

There is but one way to remedy that….

With his “travel accommodations” prepared safely in the backseat, I made up his day kit with some of his favourite dehydrated chicken treats, dry food and fresh water. When he heard the bell on his harness jingle, he came running (as he knows exactly what that means: adventure time!). We said see-ya-later to his little sis and set out. He seemed unsure about the escapade transferring from the yard into the car, but took it like a champ. Like he usually does…

Annnd Indy got loaded up in a newspaper-lined rabbit cage with a clean, travel-size litter box.


However, with his James Bond-esque suave, easy-going demeanour and advantage of being happily harness-trained, “testing the waters” went remarkably well.


We arrived at our destination, a quiet farm, where we lazed in the grass, watching the distant cars go by while listening to the swishing leaves. We explored for a bit then settled next to the car, enjoying the peace and quiet and sweet smells of autumn.

His "WTF" face.

His “WTF” face.

Freed from the car at last!

Freed from the car at last!

Chillin' on the grass.

Chillin’ on the grass.

It went so well, in fact, that he will become my sidekick on those solo weekenders. I’ve even already picked out our destination for next weekend’s afternoon lolligag to gradually get him more acquainted with the experience.

It’s true that not having any “actual” responsibilities is half the fun of dropping off the grid for a weekend, and that having to equip the car with cat-safe travel gear, complete with litter box definitely counts as “responsibility”…. But if that responsibility means the company of my little bud, it makes it all the better.

My little bud.

Indy the Adventure Cat :)

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