voluntouring: giving travel a bigger purpose

As every avid adventurer can surely relate, adventure is its own reward. The journey, the opportunity to explore and to meet new people and experience new cultures… these are incomparable marvels.

I’ve had a blast just exploring, and as excited as I am for my trip to Africa – to see one of the last “untamed” places, see exotic animals, challenge myself with a trek up Kilimanjaro, see Europe, and just cannonball into the experience – I am even more excited to have the opportunity to work with wildlife while I’m there.

For five weeks, I will be volunteering at three different wildlife conservation projects in South Africa (and looking into one in Kenya… fingers crossed), and to be quite frank, THIS is the reason I finally commit to the trip.

Not only will this be an opportunity to be able to see some incredible wildlife up close and quite personally, but it is an opportunity to lend a hand and be there when they need it. The projects serve to provide veterinary care to sick, injured and orphaned animals and rely on volunteers to help get a lot of the extra much-needed care and management attended to. Having worked in horse care for well over a decade (I started young), I truly appreciate how much work goes into looking after even one animal that needs specialized care, and so I have a profound respect for what the people who manage the facilities actually do. It will be a privilege to be a part of it and offer whatever assistance I can.


And thus, I can think of few better reasons to leave “real life” behind in this consumer-driven, technologically-based society than to get my hands dirty for a cause that is as real as life and death for the animals in need of a little support.

Normally at this time of year I’m collecting donations for the World Wildlife Fund while training for the CN Tower climb, but not this year. (If you feel inclined to donate to WWF I certainly encourage you to do so by clicking here.) However, as awkward as it is to provide the option, if you wish to sponsor me and contribute to my hands-on mission this year, you are certainly welcomed to do that as well by clicking here.

Because I have a hard time accepting favours, sponsors will get a special “thank you” when I make it home at the address provided.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this, to my friends, and to all the followers for showing your support.

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