a ferry ride: crossing the Northumberland Strait

Thanks to my overzealous happy-go-snappy photography obsession, cramming my last hours on Prince Edward Island with as many pictures as my memory card could hold, I was thirty minutes late for the ferry. On the bright side, I was first in line for the next one with only a two and a half hour wait. Plenty of time for lunch and a nap.

In 2007, I set out on a 5,000+ km tour of maritime Canada in a car I wasn’t sure would last the trip for my first big solo adventure: mapless, without an agenda, and by the seat of my pants. Now, while I get ready for one of the biggest adventures I could dream up, I can’t help but reminisce that first big step – and all the shenanigans and misadventures that happened during it…

Being first in line also meant getting the prime parking spot on the ferry. It also meant praying that dear Ursula, with an e-brake that didn’t work, wouldn’t slip out of gear and roll into the ramp door or the car behind her. But she was the good one this time.

By this point in the trip I was getting pretty good at propping my little Sony compact camera on its own wrist-strap to position it for auto-timed self-portraits, but that didn’t prevent a young bilingual Frenchman from offering his services. I politely declined, and merrily skipped about on the boat, exploring all the rooms, crannies, decks and views…


Needless to say, it was quite exciting then to freely roam the “ship” and wave adieu to the wee islands just south of PEI as the ferry meandered through…


It also afforded the best view of the open water on the Strait…


… and snap a few more shots of the ferry… simply because I love it oh-so much.



Once my explorations were done, I bumped into the Frenchman again and was lucky enough to be able to share the ride with good company, chatting about adventures and places, and almost held up the entire ferry by *almost* being late to get back to my waiting car… Oopsie doodles.

Aussi, je sais que c’est il ya longtemps, mais je voudrais remercier Frédéric pour la merveilleuse compagnie tout au long de la balade! Il a été un plaisir de vous avoir rencontré. Et voila! je peux communiquer en francais maintenant! Un peu…


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